Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

Yes, a lot of time has passed since my last update. No, the dog didn’t eat my blurb, I simply haven’t found my way back to the virtual world in the last couple of years, as the real world has been as much as I could handle. My life has undergone considerable change, some of it good and some not so; one of the changes being that I have had to leave my lovely island home and move to the mainland. Mind you, Wynnum is what they call a bayside suburb in Brisbane, so I’m not too far from the water.

While I’ve been coping with the mayhem of real life, or in fact what has made it possible to cope with that mayhem, is that not only have I published my first novel, ‘The Basketmaker’, I’ve also finished and published a second novel, ‘The Way Home’. To finish 2016 with a bang, I wrote and published my third novel, ‘A Good Woman’, set in Cairns and the tropical hinterland of the 1970s. For this story I created the fictitious town of Gerygone, named after a bird native to the area. This story was such a pleasure to write and I became such good friends with the characters, that I followed it up with a novel titled ‘The Other Woman’, which was published last year.

Reviews of both books were very encouraging, and led to the third book in the Gerygone Series, titled ‘The Forgotten Woman‘. I finished 2017 with the publication of that story, thinking my Gerygone series complete. However, Gerygone wasn’t quite done with me and in March this year I published the fourth and final Gerygone book, A Reliable Woman. Although the stories are set in the same geographical location, they cover different time periods and feature different characters, although there are some familiar faces in each story. Print copies of all books can be purchased through

Having put women’s fiction aside for a while, I have just completed my first crime novel – Free Fall – which tells the story of a young woman whose world falls apart when one of her closest friends is murdered. Not only does she have to cope with the tragic death of her friend, she becomes the prime suspect in the eyes of investigating police officers, and the next target for a murderer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

So it’s been a busy time at my writer’s desk and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Now that I am back in the real world it won’t be so long between updates.

Looking forward to 2015

Another year is almost behind us and I am sitting back and thinking about what my keyboard and I have managed to create together in 2014. Best of all, I finished my women’s fiction novel, ‘The Forever Man’, and will be trying my luck with publishers as soon as they open their doors in 2015. I’ve also done a bit of short story writing and have had another tale accepted by Radio 4RPH for broadcast next year. This humorous story, ‘Two Fat Ladies’, tells of a girl’s revenge on her unfaithful lover and best friend. The story I’m offering this month is very black humour indeed – ‘The Hit Man’. Hope you enjoy it.

Once I’ve sent ‘The Forever Man’ on its way to the publishing houses, I’ll be starting work on a new novel, based loosely on the memoirs of a close friend who’s had some very interesting and sometimes heartbreaking experiences in her life. Like ‘The Forever man’, it will be women’s fiction, but then, it’s the men in women’s lives who create all the excitement – and problems.

Best wishes to all for a happy new year.

My Family History – Tales of Mischief and Mayhem

For me, the beginning of my love affair with the writing of stories was my research into family history. The characters I discovered along the way, the events that led them to Australia as well as how their lives panned out once they arrived, was the very stuff of storytelling. They were indeed Tales of Mischief and Mayhem. So for those of you who have asked, that is what the certificates on my banner are – some of the birth, death and marriage certificates that spell out the loves and lives of my ancestors.

When I began I had no idea how complicated and addictive a hobby genealogy would become. It starts off so easily – all you need are your parents’ details – but then it multiplies out with every preceding generation until you have a family tree with hundreds of members hanging from the branches, some of them screaming. I was delighted to discover that the first of my ancestors to arrive in Australia was a convict in the Second Fleet, and that makes me a seventh generation Aussie.

If you have any interest in our colonail past, take a look at my Family History and enjoy a ride from England of the early eighteenth century to modern Australia.


As a member of the local writers group, Trish has written a varied and unique selection of short stories covering all genres, including humour, children’s fairy tales, love stories and crime. Two of her stories have been shortlisted in regional and national competitions, and others broadcast on radio 4RPH. In addition to this, she’s penned two full length fiction novels, ‘The Basketmaker’, a family saga set in the colony of Sydney between 1860 and 1905; and ‘The Forever Man’, a contemporary tale of three women whose lives are thrown into turmoil when they are caught up in an internet scam. Trish also writes memoir, poetry and pantomime. On the twenty third of every month, Trish will present a new story for your enjoyment. This month, the story is ‘The Colour Red’.